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30 Day Buyer Enquiry Guarantee

Our premium marketing package is designed for business owners who need to sell their business fast. 

With our premium marketing package we will upgrade your listing on every site we can. (Some of our partner sites websites don’t offer upgraded listings). But we don’t stop there. 

Decades of experience have taught us that you don’t know where the buyer will come from. But what we have learnt is that the most active and motivated buyers are searching on the business for sale websites. 

However this premium marketing package doesn’t stop there.  We’ll design and implement a targeted social media campaign to reach strategic buyers – even if they aren’t actively searching for a business to buy. And we can do this without breaching your confidentiality. 

Our industry leading marketing, tools, resources and support are all engineered to find you a buyer. 

If you want our market leading, marketing to generate more enquiries faster, then the premium marketing package is the right choice for you. 

We’re so confident we offer a 30 Day Buyer Enquiry Guarantee* with all premium marketing packages, giving you peace of mind knowing our marketing will put your business in front of more buyers, faster – so you can move on with your life. 

How it works:

Naturally, there are some terms and conditions, but if you follow our guidance, price your business appropriately and use our tools and resources, we guarantee that a prospective buyer will respond to our marketing and will be introduced to your business, within 30 days of your listing being published.

If we don’t meet this guarantee, we offer a full refund of the purchase price or the choice to continue proactively advertising and marketing your business for no additional cost, until a buyer is found.  

What it costs

Our premium marketing package is available with either our “monthly listing” or “list until sold” packages for a low one off fee $3,300 including GST. 

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